The day I ate a bag of discs.

Photo of Hole 1 at Scarlett Woods Disc Golf Course in Toronto, taken by the author.

Disc golf is an all season activity that can be enjoyed while remaining physically distant. It has exploded in the age of Covid-19. Anyone who plays knows that courses are getting more and more crowded as many new players, like myself, have joined the sport. I got hooked, quick, and I had no idea that my new obsession would lead me to face an ethical dilemma.

After I was taken for my first round I decided I needed my own discs, so I went to online classifieds. I found somebody selling a…

I grow weary of the limitations.

Photo by visuals on Unsplash

Remember the opening credits of the Brady Bunch television show from the 1960s and 70s? Remind you of anything?

In 1969 we landed on the moon with computing technology that pales compared to the phones we now carry in our pockets. Likewise, the Brady Bunch grid is still miles ahead of the one that many of us find ourselves in for the past year. Here are my arguments.

  1. Brady grid is static. We always know who is where. Alice is always in the middle, dad at the top, mom on the bottom. I’ll stop…

Is there really a difference?

Photo by Alejandro Escamilla on Unsplash

When I attended a writing intensive a couple of years ago I learned that many of the talented published authors who were there as mentors still wrote their books in freehand. The multiple hand-written drafts it took to get from the original manuscript to the final published product could fill boxes.

I’d guess that most of the new writers in attendance had done just about all of our writing on a computer of some kind. I come from an in between age where I can recall typing out high school essays on an electric typewriter…

[250 Word Microfiction]

Photo by Arisa Chattasa on Unsplash

Keith lowered his lips to his drink and turned to avoid the gaze of a vile man making a scene on the other side of the bar. He’d just texted his wife that he’d be late, lying that he’d been held up at work, when the shocking recognition went through him. That guy was supposed to be dead. He’d worked so hard to ensure it.

The man’s soaked shirt collar was limp and flat, pulling open as he leaned in close to talk to a woman at a nearby table. She recoiled and he became loud. …

Six observations and an unexpected message from the Hollywood of my youth.

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

My childhood memory of Rambo is of a machine gun-wielding maniac, hell-bent on destruction. Popular cinema from that time was considerably more violent than what gets put on Netflix, today. Watched anything from the 80s, even a PG movie, recently? Some big content surprises.

Times change, but themes remain consistent. One I observed when I recently watched the first Rambo film surprised me.

I won’t be commenting on any of the Rambo sequels. I’ve never seen them and I’m pretty sure they are where my false impression of…

[Partial Spoiler: I remain agnostic.]

Photo by Aleksandra Sapozhnikova on Unsplash

I attended Catholic elementary and high school. I don’t recall having a choice in the matter. Before I was done playing with toys I was already noticing contradictions in fear-based faith. I won’t list them. Perhaps you’ve noticed your own. They weren’t hard to for me to locate.

As I grew I developed my own belief system, one in which I would be judged for my actions, but not by somebody perched upon a puffy cloud. No, into adulthood my belief strengthened that blind faith, fear, flagellation and hypocrisy were things I did not need…

Photo by Luke Jones on Unsplash

A month ago I announced to my Facebook friends that my wife and I were going to see about going a month without consuming grains. Here are my observations on day 29.

  1. I noticed, rather immediately — within just a couple of days, that I did not miss them. One of the impetuses for the 30 day challenge was that I’d gotten to where I couldn’t stop myself from eating starch if it was in the house. If there was bread — whole grain, especially — then I had to toast it and put butter on it and eat it…

Photo by Julian Myles on Unsplash

In Summer of 2019 I attended an intensive workshop on creative writing at Humber College in Toronto. This was a giant leap for me, not just as a burgeoning writer, but as a person.

I haven’t always been a writer. I’ve done lots of things, from studying law to sitting in an office with a view during the dot com boom and bust to servicing pipe organs to studying nutrition. …

I’ve written, before, about my endeavors to minimize my Facebook and other social media time. Especially in the era of The Social Dilemma, many others are also considering how much effort they put into passively witnessing others do stuff online.

With the U.S. Presidential Election in less than 48 hours, I find myself preparing to avoid social media even harder than usual. It’s, currently, the day after Halloween and my feed is full of costumes from last night, interspersed with opinions on why the incumbent in the election should not be re-elected, as well as some opinions on why those…

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